What else can I do?

The Brugent Natural Protected Area belongs to the municipalities of Sant Feliu de Pallerols and Les Planes d’Hostoles, in the region called Garrotxa. This region and specifically this two municipalities offer you a big range of possibilities to enjoy culture, traditions and nature in the area.

You can find more information about lodging, places to eat and activities to do in the official tourism webpages of the region and in the Town Hall tourism sites.

    Guided tours

    You can join one of the free guided tours offered, to get to know better the Brugent Natural Protected areas and its surroundings. 

    Through a two-hour walk, you will find out which animals and plants live in the Brugent river and the surrounding forests and you will know the history of the heritage in valley, such as the Xoriguera Oak or the Castle of Hostoles.

    You don't have to book a guided tour, you just have to make the reservation for the day tickets.


    Next guided tours scheduled:

    • 14th may, from 9h to 11h
    • 15th may from 18h to 20h
    • 21st may from 9h to 11h
    • 22nd may from 9h to 11h
    • 5th june from 9h to 11h
    • 11th june from 9h to 11h
    • 12th june from 9h to 11h
    • 18th june from 9h to 11h