The Protected Natural Area

The Brugent river has a steady and abundant flow due to the climate of the Garrotxa region, and this produces a particular morphology all along the river flows. Land elevations and difference of levels lead to the creation of small waterfalls where the river passes, originating at the bottom what we know as river pools or "gorgues".

Nowadays, this river is a recreational space that offers well-being, health and quality of life to the citizens of its municipality and to the rest of its territory, and it is also a biodiversity reserve.

Since summer 2020, you need to book ticket to access to the protected area. This ticket all the river pools in the area during one day.

This ticket is indispensable to access the protected area because there is a limited carrying capacity that has been determined according to different ecological and social factors. Thanks to this management action we can ensure the conservation of the area and improve the visitor experience.