The Brugent river

The Brugent river rises on the eastern slope of the Serra del Corb mountains and runs through the municipalities of Sant Feliu de Pallerols and Les Planes d'Hostoles. Just after joining the Pasteral river it joins the Ter River, becoming one of its main tributaries. The natural habitats in around the river still have a good conservation state and contain much biodiversity. Because of its importance in terms of biodiversity, it was declared a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) in the Natura 2000 Network (SAC code: ES5120029). In addition, since 1985, it has been part of the network of Natural Protected Areas of Catalonia.

Brugent River
La Plana River Pool

The river pools

The Brugent river has a steady and abundant flow due to the climate of the Garrotxa region, and this produces a particular morphology all along the river flows. Land elevations and difference of levels lead to the creation of small waterfalls where the river passes, originating at the bottom what we know as river pools or "gorgues".
Nowadays, this river is a recreational space that offers well-being, health and quality of life to the citizens of its municipality and to the rest of its territory, and it is also a biodiversity reserve.


Natural values of the area

The Brugent river is fairly clean of contaminants and has a good state of conservation of its environment. We can find a well-preserved riparian forest preserving its natural features. In addition, these water points attract numerous animal species to drink, such as many native and migratory birds.

Specially in spring and summer, this space is full of life and becomes an essential habitat for fauna, that arrive for reproduction, feeding, or shelter. 

Some species deserve special attention, as they are of great interest or threatened: the otter, the European owl, the white-clawed crayfish and the Mediterranean barbel are some examples. To see all the fauna and flora that inhabit in this area, click here.

Garrotxa River Pools
River pools Les Planes Regulations

Natural resources management 

The fauna and flora of the Brugent river are greatly affected when there is too much influx of visitors.
To preserve the remarkable biological richness of this space, it is necessary to regulate what uses and activities can we do within it, to mitigate the overcrowding impacts.
For this reason, the Town Hall of Les Planes d'Hostoles and the Town Hall of Sant Feliu de Pallerols, together with the Emys Foundation have been working on a sustainable management plan of the natural resources in this area. This model has to be sustainable at an environmental, social and economic level. The active management will allow the conservation of this area with high natural value. Therefore it will provide quality of life to the citizens of this two municipalities.